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WORKS Hybrid Shifter Cable Bushings WORKS Hybrid Shifter Cable Bushings

The WORKS Hybrid (polyurethane/steel) Shifter Cable Bushings provide increased ease and precision during shifting without the increased wear on internal transmission components. With the run-of-the-mill bushings, you either have urethane pieces that can't be accurately machined and in constant need of lubrication - both of which lead to increased effort (and noise) - or solid metal components that can lead to premature deterioration of finicky (and pricey) transmission synchros, hubs, gears, etc. WORKS Engineers have carried over the same successful thought process used in our WRP Urethane Suspension Bushings to provide an exact fitment with a transmission-friendly application.
The WORKS Bushings consist of a medical-grade urethane compound with minimal porosity and high durability. Its durometer (hardness) rating is soft enough to absorb vibrations and shock while firm enough to take out the spongy feel associated with the OEM rubber parts. To prevent binding and ensure an exact fitment to the transmission's shifter mechanism, metal sleeves are inserted into the bushings themselves. Additionally, these sleeves have undergone an electroless nickel plating process that resists corrosion, provides lubricating properties and exhibits non-galling characteristics. These unique features give the WORKS Shifter Cable Bushing an exceptional, worry-free lifespan with a dramatic improvement to performance and feel.
Includes two full bushings with metal sleeves and installation instructions.
'06-'12 Eclipse (Including Spyder) GS, GT, SE and SE V6 with Manual Transmission;
'90-'99 Eclipse Manual Transmission (Including Spyder, Except 420A-powered vehicles);
'90-'94 Plymouth Laser Manual Transmission;
'90-'98 Eagle Talon Manual Transmission (Except 420A-powered vehicles)
'91-'93 Galant Manual Transmission (Including GSX and VR4)
'92-'95 Evo 1, 2, & 3

Our Price: $45.00