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Exhaust Gasket - 2-hole Exhaust Gasket - 2-hole Oxygen O2 Sensor Plug
Exhaust Gasket - 2-hole
Our Price: $12.99
Oxygen O2 Sensor Plug
Our Price: $2.99
This is a high quality replacement universal exhaust gasket for virtually any 64mm (2.50") to 76mm (3.00") exhaust (choose size above).
Made from laminated graphite with a metal reinforcement inner ring for leak-free sealing and longevity.

Size         Bolt Pattern Range (w/ M10)
63.5mm 86mm (3-3/8") to 111mm (4-3/8")
70mm    90mm (3-1/2") to 108mm (4-1/4")
76mm    101mm (4") to 108mm (4-1/4")
This is a quality replacement universal exhaust gasket for virtually any 76mm (3.00") to 80mm (3.15") exhaust.

Made from laminated graphite for leak-free sealing.

Size         Bolt Pattern Range (w/ M10 or 3/8" bolt)
76mm    100mm (3.94") to 110mm (4.33")
This is universal threaded plug for most oxygen sensor bungs.

M18 x 1.5mm thread

Made from steel with silver zinc plating.
Mazda Miata /MX5 ND Ohlins Road & Track Coilovers Cosworth 154 Degree LowTemp Thermostat
This is the latest step in the Öhlins Racing automotive philosophy – Road&Track by Öhlins. A more than 30 year long tradition of high-end racing commitments and state-of-the-art solutions within advanced suspension technology is now available for street cars all over the world. The focus has been clear from the very beginning – superior road handling without sacrificing comfort in your day-to-day transports. The time of compromises are over! We have also added a clever light-weight design with a majority of the parts in aluminium and on top of that all shocks have suffered through vast corrosion tests according to ISO 9227. The end result is a 2-year limited warranty on all of our products - worldwide. Cosworth's thermostat needed to do
more than simply open at a lower temperature. Unstable coolant
temperatures can lead to engine damage or engine calibration issues,
generally caused by an inferior thermostat that does not control the
flow of coolant causing coolant surge.